Sept 20, 21 Hypocrisy of Tax the Rich

The $3.5 Trillion bill before Congress if full of well intentioned ideas (most not affordable or ensure if able, work), and a few weird ones. All the talk about “Tax the Rich” on AOC’s butt is silly, considering the dress is unaffordable by 99.9% of all women. How about a dress from Kohl’s instead.

Anyway, one of the demands is the elimination of the state and local taxes deduction proposed by those high state tax states. According to the Tax Policy Center, 57% of the benefits will go to the top 1% of earners. The average benefit to them is $35,000, the average to the rest of the beneficiaries is $37. (per editorial in WSJ 9/21/21).

I live in Alabama. As I resent those who say “I do not want to get a vaccine, it is my liberty.” It is your right, however, you impose your stupidity on me since my medical costs go up. Same thing with not wearing a helmet while motorcycling.

I do not want to subsidize high state taxes. Keep the SALT deduction limitation in place.

I love to see politicians squirm, on both sides, when they don’t want to compromise, or love their neighbor.


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