Oberlin College Tires to Smear Local Business

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, John Acton. A well known phrase and the article below is another example, a college tries to smear a local business because they exercised their rights to prevent students from stealing from them. Because the owners were Caucasian, the students mixed race, they were racist. Over 2 1/2 years enduring multiple protests in front of their 130 year old business, being black listed from doing business with the college and tons of hate speech the facts finally came out that the students actually did try to rob them; the students stated they did and the business was not racist, the college trying to buy their silence before a jury awarded the business damages.

Power in our country was designed to be distributed so that one person, or group could not use it to subjugate others. Concentrated power is what people came from others countries to avoid, to have the freedom to pursue happiness based on their own decisions.

Progressives throw out the “fascist” word regularly when trying to label those who disagree with their desire to gain power over others. The quote above applies to all who try to accumulate power to make others do what is “in their best interest” but they are too stupid to realize it-whether they are progressive or conservative. Fascism started in Italy by Mussolini, it was praised by the progressive movement in this country for 20-30 years as the way of the future.

Oberlin College has been stopped in its’ tracks by a jury who looked at what they did and said, “Nope!” Good for the jury. Distributed power, let us not ever abandon it.