Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting a huge amount of press. I went back the records for her district of 711,000 people. In that district there are 214,000 registered democrat voters in that district, 33,000 republican.
The primary election had 28,000 Democrat voters come out, she won 17,000 to 11,000. In the general election she won 110,000 to 20,000. The long term democrat man she beat in the primary got 9,000 votes, I guess a write in.
Why are we so intent on listening to a person who got so few votes, and was voted for in the general just because she was a democrat?
I think we should pass an amendment that says, if 50% of the eligible voters do not turn out for a primary or general election, it must be held again.

The “Sacred”

From “First Things”, “A religion of Activism”, April 2019

Sociologists find that all functional societies have a sacred tradition that is required in order to promote its’ goals. When those tradition’s are trashed, what then takes their place so that the society can continue to function for the benefit of its’ members?

The law of unintended consequences is powerful. Change is always needed to adjust practices when power is abused, as it always will be no matter who is in power, but, trashing everything has been proven to create turbulence and suffering.

Think ahead before ripping something up. What will you put in its’ place?