Coal Investments, California Insurance Commissioner

The progressives talk a great deal about unwarranted access to the political process by corporations, lobbyists, the military, anyone they don’t agree with  philosophically. I get it; like politicians are objective legislators who do their own research, never asking for opinions from others, just doing their own thing.  Well, that hasn’t happened since Brutus and others knifed Ceasar in the Forum, politicians are supposed to be influenced by all their stakeholders.

California insurance commissioner Dave Jones is an environmental advocate, a fan of Tom Steyer (who has spent hundreds of millions of dollars supporting candidates who agree the sky is falling and the seas are rising). That is fine, that is politics. That is the definition of the political process.

But Mr. Jones has told insurance companies doing business in California must also agree with his philosophy by disinvesting in those companies, like coal, who are blacklisted by those who think like he does. He is also planning to run for Attorney General if Harris is elected to the Senate. If a Republican did what Jones is doing he would be drug through the mud and sentenced to a tongue lashing from, one of those dudes on TV.

Double standard, absolutely.

Puerto Rico, another democrat socialism failure

So, American taxpayer, Puerto Rico is going to “restructure” their debt, which built up under democrat leadership to an untenable level, bailout time! WJC juices up the CRA, threatening banks and mortage companies to loan to those who can’t afford a loan, unscrupulous people take advantage and 2008 happens.  Will the political leaders be held to account by Bernie, or 1/26th American Indian senator, or former secretary of state, don’t hold your breath.  Somehow they will find a conservative to blame.

Now, if the plan Congress is debating goes into effect a reasonable path forward may actually take place, the state can renegotiate their debt and bondholders may not take a haircut.  Lots of maybes.  The same thing happened in Washington, DC, in the 1990’s after decades of democrat leadership. Deju a vu all over again.

Why can’t those who love Hillary and Bernie see the writing on the wall, the more government we have the worse things will get. Santana said, paraphrasing, those who refuse to study history are doomed to relive it.

Teachers, Tenure, Kids Suffer

“California’s Supreme Court has the opportunity to make a civil-rights breakthrough by agreeing to hear a landmark case that challenges teacher tenure laws on equal protection grounds.”  The opening sentence in a WSJ article today, editorial page.  The article goes on to say that six students have sued California because lousy teachers are moved to low income schools since getting rid of them takes forever, is almost impossible and very costly.

The first trial judge agreed, it was appealed-supported by the idiot governor Brown and the unions of course-and the appeals court vacated the ruling.  Now it goes to the supreme court.

The web if full of more detail,, Huffington even agrees!

When will the money and power of the teachers unions stop protecting lousy teachers, our education results have been sliding for years, from in the high single digits to low 10’s when compared with our global competitors.  Wake up America!  Our youth are being screwed.

When does anyone deserve a lifetime job?  The rest of us sure aren’t. Academic freedom my butt, this is pure power and money.

Living in Alabama we are starting to see a change, not much yet, but the local union, the AEA, spent $40 million in the last cycle and all the candidates lost and the NEA had to come in and take over the union.

What are the results?  That is the question.

The next US president must carry a big stick

The above title is from the American Enterprise Institute, a non partisan, conservative think tank,

The battle over the American military presence overseas, and in the seas has been raging since 1787. The Federalists and “Republicans” of the time had long and bitter battles in Congress and in the country over whether or how we should be involved. As the various sides gained power their policy would be put in place, sometimes successfully, Barbary Pirates, WW 1 and 2; sometimes not so successfully, Vietnam.

With the probability of national wars receding, hopefully, we face however a much heightened threat of “Asymmetric” warfare. What should we do? Put troops in Iraq? Pull our soldiers out of Korea and Europe? Mothball our aircraft carriers, or build more?

One thing for sure, not being prepared to fight has encouraged idiots with power and money to kill others expecting us and our “allies” to do nothing.  The examples of this are too numerous to mention, but just a few, Rwanda-Kuwait-Poland-Manchuria-Korea.

Turning our back on the responsibility to be strong is foolish; Bernie, HRC and my fellow libertarians. The responsibility to have a respectful and strong diplomatic arm is as important as the military, so to keep us out of conflict, Donald.

With our win-lose attitude in Congress and the executive branch I have little hope that passions will lose to reasoned thought. Sad. So many lessons of history both sides are ignoring.

The article below from AEI is reasoned, please take some time to read.


Socialism Is For The Uninformed

Thomas Sowell (born in 1930, dropped out of high school, joined the marine corps, then obtained numerous degrees, wrote a bunch of books on economics, penned an article with the above title.

Wanting something has nothing to do with getting it done unless  you focus on data that demonstrates what actually accomplishes the goal. Health care, or the ACA, was going to get everyone on insurance AND reduce the cost to all. NEITHER HAPPENED. Public housing was going to help those in poor housing. NEVER HAPPENED…..

This article highlights the lack of seriousness of “The Bern” proclamations, he doesn’t talk about if anything he is proposing has ever worked, IT HASN’T. HRC is close behind with proposals that have never worked. The Donald is in the same camp.

I know everyone is pissed off, I am also. But heaven requires us to do something that may actually accomplish a goal, that means our political “leaders” must have conversations rather than fire fights to try various things that actually produce the result.  The amazing thing is, both sides of this war agree mostly on what needs to happen.

Grow up people.