Six Seconds to Live

The WSJ had an OPED of the above title recently. Part of a speech given by now WH Chief of Staff, Kelly.

Last week there was lots of turmoil about the words used by President Trump to console the wife of a Soldier killed in the middle east. Trump asked Kelly what to say and tried his best to put those words into his own. Well, the words were heard by a Congresswoman who was riding with the wife and she then criticized Trump for his tone and words.

Take a moment to read the WSJ piece. Kelly Six Seconds to Live. General Kelly knows of what he speaks, yes, he spent most his adult life in the Marine Corps and thus dealt with death  on a regular basis. Consoling loved ones and being consoled when his son was killed.

Did Trump do right by calling, absolutely. Were his words perfect? The conversation was not recorded so we live with what the congresswoman and the bereaved wife reported. Who knows how to console perfectly? I am not sure anyone does, but does the effort count? Absolutely.

Instead of criticizing how the message was delivered in such times of sorrow, how about having some decency and not comment. The congresswoman should be ashamed of herself, if the wife wanted to come out with a comment, that’s her right. The congresswoman is using another’s grief to attack another politician; it is just gross, smarmy, low down, worthless, unseemly and many more “Roget’s” synonyms.

Respect seems to have left the public domain. Make your point with facts then enter into a conversation about differences. This applies to both sides.