Biden Harris platform section on post K-12 education

My comments about Democrat Platform sections

Biden policies off his website Education beyond high school.

I am happy to see the focus on other education paths than a four year degree. The education Nomenklatura has depreciated the value and purpose of other types of education for decades, and devalued those who had not desire or capacity for a four year degrees. Too many kids went to college, were given too much money and ended up without the expected income and high debt.

Biden proposes many solutions:

  1. Invest in community colleges-OK with me.
  2. Strengthen College as a reliable pathway…. What in the Sam Hill does that mean?
  3. Support colleges that play a unique role, OK with me, Trump has started that effort.

He then states this will be accomplished in coordination with states and educators. Fair, but will that cooperation include those who ideas involve other models like home schooling, charter schools, etc. Or, as both have said they will work with the unions that have brought our K-12 education system from the top five to 25th in the world. Or the college elite who are 75% self-identified as progressives. Or eliminate charter schools and condemn kids to low performing government schools.

Specifically they say:

  1. 2 years of high quality training without debt for “Hard working” folks. The failure rate today is very high in two year or certificate programs. Preparation is key, focus on K-12 first, demand kids come out prepared.
  2. Once qualified some folks need support to finish, I agree. Some homes and families do not provide the atmosphere and support needed for further education.
  3. Apprenticeships are a good idea, this smells like $50Bn spent to support unions against right to work desires by most folks. Will this be union agnostic?
  4. Student debt. If you look at the graph of student debt and college costs they ramp up dramatically once Obama came into office. Kids could borrow easily, had money to spend, the demand was high and the supply lower. Simple economics. Tuition free for those below $125,000 of income. Great, freer stuff means cost will go up. How about help with a note on 10% of earnings for 15 years.
  5. This next one is wild, halve the payments on current debt, or refinance it. OK, reasonable, but how come these folks have to repay debt and the new ones don’t? Then after 20 years forgive the debt. The left caterwauls about bailing out companies during times of crises, or leads the charge as in the case of GM and others. The consequence of overbowering is bankruptcy; that should be the end solution. Always bailing out breeds’ complacency.
  6. Other suggestions, some are reasonable, others follow in the same vein of more government control and involvement in our lives, reducing the risk in our decisions thus breeding an attitude of irresponsibility and solid reasoning in decision making.
  7. Invest in the alphabet soup of colleges that serve various ethnic populations. A bit unseemly to me to separate them out for special funds; seems like an election tool to me.

Lastly: Nowhere in this section of the Biden-Harris platform for after K-12 education is the military mentioned. The military should be elevated to equal status. Those colleges who will not allow military recruiters on campus should be struck from the list of federal funds. The Democrats have been notoriously anti-military for decades, sometimes anti soldier. People choosing the military receive high quality education on both the technical and leadership fronts; it has been shameful the way they have been treated after President Carter.

Overall this platform section is more of the same and lots more money for the same organizations and people who got us in the situation we are in today. CHeck out this link from Thomas Sowell,, DeBlasio and Biden want to eliminate charters. Sorry, what Trump has started seems better for the future. Teacher unions and tenure will destroy high quality education, but they do spend a lot of money and deliver a lot of votes to those who pander to them.

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