Sept 23, 21 Workfare

The 3.5 trillion, or actually 5.5 trillion if if all programs are scored as continuing for 10 years, have many flaws. One of the main ones for me is the lack of connection to working, meaning you get money whether you work or not.

There are some folks not able to work. They deserve our assistance and compassion. We have seen what happens when the other folks get money from the government without the requirement to support themselves. As the economy has opened, businesses across the country are not able to hire workers, the monetary incentive to stay home is too high.

Some say everyone deserves a UBI. But if the UBI keeps folks at home, not contributing in whatever way they can, then the economy doesn’t grow fast enough to accommodate population increases from births and immigration. Thus, the old problem of spending other peoples’ money hits us, the money runs out.

Modern monetary theory says we can borrow as much as we want without consequences. I love theories. Unfortunately most go the way of the flat earth theory, no proof. History is filled with examples of economic theories that fail, sentencing the bulk of those upon whom they were enacted to penury, loss of freedom, etc. Except for the theorists, they seem to come out all right.

An example, Burlington College, run by Bernie Sanders wife. She had a great theory on how to breath life into the college. Well, her theory killed it.

Susan Collins, the senator from Maine commented on the 5.5 trillion bill as not containing work requirements in a recent speech to the senate. The Democrats targeted her in the 2020 election to be defeated, spent tons of money and failed, the people of Maine felt she represented their views and resisted the effort. They were characterized with invectives similar to those our last president was criticized for by the progressives, hypocrites, uh yeah.

This is only one issue with this monstrosity coming from the progressives.


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