Sep 22, 21 John Durham, Press Coverage

John Durham just indicted Mr. Sussman, a lawyer with the law firm closely associated with the HRC campaign for lying to the FBI. He represented himself as a concerned citizen exposing the link between the Trump campaign and a Russian bank. What he didn’t do is tell the FBI he was an integral part of the HRC organization.

We have seen light starting to come to the alleged effort to attach Trump to the Russians as false. Already an FBI lawyer has pleaded guilty to changing a document before the FISA court to allow Carter Page to be surveilled. What he deleted would have disallowed that surveillance.

We know the MSM gobbled all this up with gracious enthusiasm and filled the airwaves with little or no investigation.

I watch both CNN and Fox, CNN has mentioned the indictment, but only mentioned. I wish I had a way of seeing how much time both networks spent talking about John Durham’s investigation.

By the way, I can’t stand Trump as a person. I did agree with about 60% of his policies.



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